Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This squirrel

Caught in the act Posted by Picasa

He lives right next door in a very nice burrow with many entrances and exits. He loves us. We're the most interesting campers he's ever had for neighbors. Our site looks like Ma and Pa Kettle live here, and with a kid the landscape changes every day. We keep him on his toes.


kim said...


What an excellent picture!!!!! Good capture!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot, Lil! That is a really cute picture. I am sure he enjoys having you and your pumpkin as neighbors! :) Just wanted to say hi to you!!


Christina said...

Great pictures!! I love both of them. What a lucky squirrel...all that pumpkin just for him....


Liliana said...

Thanks you guys! You should have seen his fat cheeks when he stuffed them full of pumpkin seeds! He's quite the little piggy.

((Hi Fox!))