Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Knitting progress

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It's about 20 inches long now. Whew, it's taking a long time. I have to make it 76 inches, then fold ends up to form pockets. I might not do the pocket part. It seemed like a good idea when I found the pattern, but I'll decide for sure when I'm close to finished. The yarn I chose is fabulous for hiding mistakes, and there be a few mistakes in thar! I started with 17 stitches and ended up with 19, so my friend fixed it. Then twice I dropped stitches (which means I skipped them) and she fixed it once and now I know how to fix it. I've ended up with 18 and stayed with that number. I've been recounting them after every single row I knit to ensure I have 18, not 17, not 19. I intended to make a matching cap, but hmmmm, truthfully, caps crush my hair flat and my kind of bangs aren't great in a cap. I don't know if a scrunchie will be enough of a complement piece though.

The other morning we had a javelina at our door. Didn't get to see it, we were sleeping, but our neighbors watched it and told us about it!

There's a piggy little squirrel here. He's a cutie and always looking for things to take into his hole. It doesn't have to be food! He stuffs his cheeks till they're huge. Today I saw him bunch up a paper towel into a little ball and run to his hole. He tried to take one of our son's miniature flags but couldn't manage pulling it into his burrow so we found it just outside the entrance to his abode. Then the top to our jack-o-lantern went missing. Can't find it. I think that squirrel figured he found a treasure and took it home.


kim said...

it's so pretty!

Is that soft fuzzy wuzzy yarn? The stuff that feels like pipe cleaners without the wire? (chenille, Kim, use grown up words)

I hit the halfway mark on my official dishrag effort, following An Actual Pattern. I was going to finish tonight but The Boy WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP.

I made a scarf last year, only I cheated and used a knifty knitter. You can see it here if you're all that curious (end shameless yet moderate self-blog-promotion) ~ I really like it, I'm just waiting for scarf weather.

I really shouldn't post comments longer than your entries.

Liliana said...

I looked at the label and it is chenille. It's Lion Brand which I read someone who made fun of it like it's no good. It's called "Thick and Quick Prints" and it's Rainbow Denim Print #246, acrylic and rayon. Says 'perfect for luxurious fashions.' Oh lala. It's handwashable though which I didn't notice. Love the scarf you made! You're such a party girl! It would look simply fabulous in red and purple too.

busyHSmom said...

What size needles are you using? It may be taking long because you are using pretty small needles. The smaller the needles, the more stitches it takes to cover an inch. Smaller needles make tighter stitches, which means it will be extra warm!

Kara said...

Nice progess on your scarf - and just in time for cooler weather, too. Okay, I confess, I've never knitted - now you know!

But, I have seen a javelina! And they are big and rather scary. When we lived in Tucson, there was one that loved to visit the grandma's garden. We helped them put up a fence to keep it out. When it would come around, we wouldn't mess with it though. He may have been the culprit to the missing jack-o-lantern top!

Liliana said...

Hi Busy! I'm using size 11 which isn't small. I'm planning on getting faster with practice. I have a few small holes and maybe next time, if I use the same yarn, I'll use a little smaller needles. It's kind of neat how the yarn has no stretch whatsoever in itself but after you knit, there's stretch to it.

Kara - I'm gonna ask how big it was. I'd have LOVED to see it with my own eyes, never having seen one myself.

The knitting is easy I tell ya! But of course I only know one stich. Heh.