Friday, October 27, 2006

Acorn Woodpecker

Common in northern CA Posted by Picasa

When I lived in southern California I would occasionally meet up with someone who came from northern California. You know, where the cold, rocky beaches and sharks are? Oddly these people would refer to themselves as being from 'The Bay Area.' They'd nod as if everyone knew about The Bay Area, and I'd nod as if I knew what they were talking about. But I had no idear where The Bay Area was, other than somewhere to the north. No one taught us about a Bay Area in geography class. I did know it was a land where people who wanted to break California into two states, Northern California and Southern California, lived. And they seriously wanted to cut off our water supply because they thought we used too much and they did not like sharing. Said we shouldn't be building cities in the desert or something to that effect. Hey, we have a bay in San Diego but I've never said I was from the bay area.

There are tons of bays in the world. How should anyone know what bay they're talking about?

Then I went to northern California and lived there for five years. It all began to make sense. "The Bay Area" refers to the San Francisco Bay area. Aha. If you ever go there, you realize why they talk about themselves as if everyone knows about them. They think they're the center of the universe! Really, San Francisco should just be split from the rest of the USA and allowed to float in the Pacific. It should be its own country. I did once buy an absolutely fabulous custom hand made Victorian corset from Romantasy in downtown San Fran. Purple satin with six garters.

Today my blue flip flop went missing. That squirrel tried to take it into his burrow.

Evidently news of familial unrest travels fast. I received email from both my dad's wife and my little sister last night and today. I guess old dad was extremely upset that I told him not to write things like that to me. Unbeknownst to me, his wife refused to discuss it with him because she was upset about it too. My sis was the only one who would talk to him.

My sister, she's a good egg but she likes to rationalize things away. She can't stand discord. She's the reason why he finally wrote me an apology email. It was possibly, well no, definitely, the worst apology I've ever received from anyone about anything in my life! Not that I was looking for an apology. I wasn't. I don't care if he apologizes. I was said to him what somebody needed to say to him.

I wore a red rose and baby's breathe in my hair today. Sometimes the light fragrance of the rose wafted into my nose. It was nice. I had my husband get me flowers for my hair because I read that waitresses who wear flowers in their hair get better tips. I'm not a waitress and I don't get tips but I was hoping the flowers would get me something. I don't know what. In the same article it said that waiters who knelt down to take orders made better tips. That and a wooden nickel will get you something. I don't know what.

The above photo was taken on 5/4/06 when we were in...The Bay Area...visiting our eldest son.


Eowyn said...

You, in California, wearing flowers in your hair just for the beauty and optimism of it, have warmed my heart and made me smile here on the cold, rainy east coast. At least one good thing came of it! Thank you very much!

Eowyn said...

Ok. Sorry. You're not in California now. You're somewhere in the desert, is that right? Anyway, flowers in your hair = smile on my face.

Manuel Tendero Gil said...

preciosa foto un saludo