Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hairstick from Fox

Abalone aka paua shell Posted by Picasa

I've coveted this stick Fox sells for a long time. Finally, it's mine. You'd never be able to tell that it's not a set. They go together perfectly. Paua is the most colorful of abalone shells. I love to see the play of light on paua.

Twenty years ago I bought the earrings and necklace at Sunny Jim's Cave in La Jolla, California. I wanted to revisit it last year but could not find parking. Parking is a problem there. They have a neat store full of what else, nautical items. You take about 145 steps down to the mouth of the cave. I first went when I was 11 years old. It's a must see! Very quaint. We lived in Pacific Beach back then. Pacific Beach is for the not rich and La Jolla is for the ultra rich. I ate at Top O' the Cove once when a guy took me on a date. It was a little too conservative and quiet for me, but it was very nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lil!

I'm going to try to comment without logging in. Hopefully, it will go through ok! I am so glad you are enjoying the stick. It does go perfectly with your jewelry! It looks even more beautiful on you than alone. You are such a beautiful lady! I always enjoying reading your blog and seeing your pictures. You have a special way of sharing with us. Thanks!


Liliana said...

Well I've never had so much fun with comments before. And I would never have guessed that you ever visited here, Fox. It is good. :) I'm exceedingly happy with the stick I chose. It's perfect. Hugs back, Lil