Monday, October 16, 2006

Elation. Two comments!

I didn't know they were there! Thirty-four comments going back to May have been waiting for moderation on my blog. I am elated! I feel renewed, refreshed, revitalized. Could it have been a glitch because all I did different was look at my preferences and the only thing I changed was adding moderation. Maybe it needed to be republished and that was the problem.

I have to homeschool right now but I can't wait till 3:00 when studies are done so I can read everything. I will upload them all this afternoon. It's like Christmas! It's like I have a really good piece of the best chocolate cake waiting for me to eat it. I will inhale it all. At 3:00pm! And to think I thought I was all by myself in Blogland all this time. I did think it a little strange that I didn't get even one comment for such a long time, but I dismissed it as just bad luck.

Thank you. :) :) :)


kim said...

I'm so glad! I think I'm as excited as you are, LOL! This calls for some chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got it sorted out, Liliana. I thought I was the only one commenting and that maybe I had written something that you didn't like. I checked back a few times to see if my comment was up and then I gave up after awhile. I'll bet you'll get a lot more comments now!

Liliana said...

Hi! This is so neat. Hi!

Kim, I see now you posted back in May! I want to do RSS feed too. Very cool whatever it is. I'm going to research it.

Sabine, naw, you couldn't say anything I wouldn't like. Thank you for coming back to visit my blog despite my seeming indifference! You are both such awfully kind people.

kim again said...

you already have an RSS feed, that's how I know you've posted! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Kim said. I subscribed to your blog through bloglines, so I can see whenever you've posted. I don't understand how it works, but I'm glad it does.

Liliana said...

Yes, but I want to put RSS feeds on my blog like you have on yours. I manually add one link at a time and of course it doesn't show when a blog is updated.

Kara said...

Hey, Lil...this is so cool! I tried to leave a comment once but since it didn't show up and I didn't try again. I thought I was doing something wrong! Now, I will leave more comments! How fun is this?

Hugs, ~Kara

Liliana said...

Sweet Kara! I finally saw your post that you made back in July about Ding Dongs. lol! Hey, I'm slow but I've got it together now.

Sabine, I will see about setting up Bloglines. Thanks a bunch. (Your knitting is fabulous!)