Thursday, October 05, 2006

The day ahead

My hair has had a heavy coat of avocado oil on it for two days now. I just didn't have time to go to the showers! Yipes. Well, it seems to be fine pretty much. Hopefully it'll like being in the oil this long.

I bought the Body Shop Honey Shampoo and conditioner I wanted and a new bottle of monoi oil yesterday. They didn't have the big bottles I wanted so I got small, but I really like the Giovanni now so I don't mind.

My husband got a wisdom tooth removed yesterday. It's been bothering him for a few months but we wanted to wait to see the dentist we love here in Nashville. The dentist sent him to an oral surgeon. Don't you love it when you find a really good doc or dentist and they don't hesitate to send you to someone more qualified than themselves to do something? Yes indeed. That's a sign of high quality medical care.

I have to go order flowers now to send to the dentist's office. Husband just handed me their address because he wants me to order them now. I've been sending flowers to everyone lately! It's addicting. The night before our appointment even our son said, "Aren't I supposed to be scared about going to the dentist tomorrow?" Another sign of spectacular dental care.

I get to go to the mall later and we're having two friends over at 3:30 whom we met here at the campground last year.

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