Thursday, October 26, 2006

I can't sleep

Drop an anvil on my head. Please. I want to sleep, but I can't.

My hair is nice though. I heavily oiled overnight with avocado oil, washed this afternoon. I was a little worried that too much oil remained on the ends but it all came out. I asked my husband to buy me some small flowers today so I could put some in my hair for tonight and he bought me a little bouquet of three red roses, still closed, with baby's breathe. Very pretty and they smell good! But, drats, I was too slow getting ready. Wore my hair, what!, down. Yep. Luckily I oiled just the right amount with the monoi so down worked. And I got two nice compliments for having pretty hair tonight. One lady said she didn't know my hair had so much brown. (It looks mostly silver when I have it in a bun I think.) I could feel the sun shining on my hair and I know the auburn really shows in sunlight. She was real sweet and I felt a little uncomfortable because she was so complimentary. Funny how I hope for a compliment, I get one and then I'm uneasy.

My back pockets have flaps and I noticed with we got home that the flaps are sticking out. Looks stupid. Double duh. Next time I'll iron them.

We went to a potluck tonight and wonder of wonders, I, Liliana, had a good time. That's a rare occurrence. I think the people is this small desert town, are more down to earth. People don't put on airs so much here. One of the discussions was about someone's new trailer that has a remote control for the bathroom fan. We were cracking up! I mean, that's gotta be one nice trailer, eh? Our son had a great time with the kids. They jumped on the trampoline and played with the dogs and played dominoes. Don't you love that feeling when the kids are running loose, pink cheeked, having a good time, and the grown-ups are talking and eating and laughing. It's like - time in a bottle. Yeah. I just realized I haven't felt that feeling in a very long time.

Last year was our first year traveling. It was our first year staying in a different place besides "home" for the winter. We were new at this and not exactly sure how we were doing what we were doing. I was eager to drop the baggage of urban life and so I didn't socialize at all. Really, practically not at all. It was just me and the bunnies and the quail, and my family of course. This year though, I feel more like reaching out and being a part. A part. Of something. Life, people, relationships.

Yeah. I think that's something new about this year.


Christina said...

You just described the perfect afternoon. Food, fun and fellowship.

I miss that so much!!

I'm glad you had such a good time. I get that uneasy feeling too when someone comments on my hair. I feel guilty that I enjoyed the compliment. Weird huh?

Kara said...

Time in a bottle! I love that song by Jim Croce!!!

Anywho, I am glad to hear you had a great time at the potluck. And don't worry about your pockets...everyone was looking at your hair!

Too funny about the remote control, too! Oh, brother!!

Eowyn said...

I love your opening! LOL! "Drop an anvil on my head. Please. I want to sleep but I can't.

My hair is nice though."

So funny! Very face-to-the-sunshine! Or, maybe hair-in-the-sunshine! And you DO have beautiful hair, a glory! I'm quite sure every stage the Lord has planned for your hair will be beautiful.

Forget all the duh's. They don't really matter. Bye for now, Liliana.

Liliana said...

Okay! YOU TUBE LINKAROO! Listen...

I found Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle

It was such a good ol' tune, wasn't it? And so sad that he passed on so young.