Saturday, October 07, 2006

10 hour driving day

Left Nashville after spending a week there. Last night we spent the night in the driveway of my husband's friend whom we bought our trailer from. He gave us such a good price and we're still in love with the floorplan of this thing. I like my teeny U-ie kitchen and having our own bedroom and two bathroom sinks and little washer/dryer from Europe. If we ever get a new trailie (not that we're thinking of it but when I get dreamy...) I'd like a BIG fridge, a mirrored sit-down vanity in the bedroom, and the microwave down a little lower. I saw these things in RVs at the Camping World showroom!

Today we've been in three states. Started out in Tennessee, passed through some of Arkansas, and now we're in Oklahoma. Saw the cotton fields being reaped. Crossed the mighty Mississippi and videotaped it. Got to pet some big, sleepy show hogs at the fuel station. Found the best diesel price of the year at Flying J - $2.26 in Checotah, Oklahoma.

Tomorrow will be a driving day too. I don't want to go back to Nashville anymore. I'm going to have a talk with myself and I may be a grown-up and give myself permission not to go back.

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