Monday, October 16, 2006

I 'm doin' it

My first knitting Posted by Picasa

Only 70 inches to go and it's going to be a scarf. Knitting is very exciting. I wake up in the morning thinking about it. This is my third day. I practiced on day one and two and started my real project yesterday! I'm fresh in the morning and by bedtime I'm all kinked up. Kinks get in my shoulders, my back, my neck and my hands. Now I've read that you should get up and walk around a bit every 20 minutes. Good idea. It's a whole new world! I always thought knitting was such a mystery. Now I'm a knitter! Michele calls it 'needle arts' which sounds very cool. I already want to make a matching scrunchie and a beanie with a BIG pom.

Continental knitting video (This is the way I learned.) (A super good forum.) (I must learn to make this knitted scrunchie!)


kim in mi said...

Oooh how pretty!
Now I feel a little lame with my dish cloth projects to learn, LOL.

Anonymous said...

It's best to obey the 20-minute rule. Trust me. My back went out a over a week ago and I'm still mostly in bed. It hurts to bend at the waist. I wanted to finish some knitting projects. I have a picture of them on my blog. I'm still paying for overindulging in knitting!

Liliana said...

Well! This could be a dish cloth if I made it square! I thought a dish cloth would be messed up too easily so I went for the scarf pattern which isn't really a pattern I guess. It's just a lot of knit stitches. So, uh, make your dish cloth longer and wear it around your neck. Hehe!

busyHSmom said...

I am soooo excited to see you and Kim learning to knit! Wish I was there to give you pointers and encouragement. I love to knit, and crochet, and tat, and needlepoint...ahhhh! So much fiber, so little time!

Liliana said...

Crocheting is neat too. I'd like to learn some of that. I've wanted to learn tatting for a long time. Want to tat a cross bookmark someday. I'm meeting the most talented people in our travels. It seems that fulltimers are a creative bunch. Now I find out the lady right next door watercolors and embroiders!