Sunday, October 22, 2006

Church hunting

I'm shopping for a winter church. Went to a Church of Christ this morning. Twenty-five people. All the churches here are small. It's a small population. Everyone is so old. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but me being the next to youngest attendee is a little weird.

Learned one new thing. The preacher said the Bible says not to use instruments for music. Voices only. Also he said some churches are still worshipping on the last day of the week instead of the first day of the week. He didn't name names but our very good friends here are Seventh Day Adventists. I've known some very cool Seventh Day Adventists. They eat very well you know. I miss Calvary Chapel. This church was nice but it's too denominational for me.

They sang a great hymn though. Never thought I'd say that! It had an unusual melody and one lady sang out more than the others. It sounded so good. I'm learning about hymns lately. I've emailed my thoughts about hymns to a couple peeps, as in, "What's up with hymns because I don't get them?" and I got back some valuable background and information and good leads.

I'm tired already though. I didn't eat right yesterday and looks like I'm paying for it today. I had fun working at the Visitor's Center. So many interesting folks come through. We had some German people, some who didn't even speak English! And boy, I'm a sucker for a handsome cowboy. Something else - some people who come to camp and boat are not too upper crust. ...I can now say that I recognize the face of meth.


Kim the rambler said...

post about the phrase, quick, in case I use it. I might, I don't know. I hope not. I'm scared. I have a pet grammar thing that I hate. Maybe it's not a pet if you hate it. Well, then again, don't get me started on my cats.

I had a Christian Group leader guy in college who was hymn-passionate, and taught me to love the "meaty" old ones. Some I hate, but some of them are so chock full of great theology. None of the lite and fluffy stuff that so many "modern hymns and choruses" have today.

But not using instruments in worship, doesn't that totally go against the Psalms? Was there a scriptural backing for that? Because now I'm perplexed and confused and kinda suspicious. All at once.

Yucchi said...

I hear what you are saying about church hunting. I actually grew up Seventh Day Adventist and I stuggle with going to other churches although I am no longer Adventist. It is almost more of a culture in a sense. I miss the food! Adventist potlucks are tasty! I still don't eat pork and tried but stopped eating shellfish because the idea of them still doesn't appeal to me. There is also an openness to debate and discussion I have a hard time finding elsewhere. Alas, I am still praying to find a church home. I hope you find your winter "home" too!

Liliana said...

Kim - Hi! You must tell me what it is you hate. I'm curious now. The phrase I'm referring to is [drumroll] "s*cks" as in "that s*cks, they s*ck, it s*cks, etc. I sent a photo of our 9 year old to my dad and my dad wrote back and said the hat (our son wears everyday) s*cks. It's a euphemism you know. My heart aches over it. I don't know how he could say that, in writing even.

The preacher didn't refer to an exact scripture when he remarked about instruments. You've got my curiosity up about Psalms. I find it all quite fascinating when these points pop up.

Yucci - Hi! So you're looking for a church home too. It's kind of fun, isn't it. A little stressful. I may go to the Adventists next week. I will pray for you tonight to find your church home. I've gone to, hmmm, four. This is the longest I've ever looked. At one, no one said 'hi' to me. Now that was unusual!

busyHSmom said...

Thumbs up to hymns! I do not find much written today that compares to the old hymns...I mean the ones with really good, meaty doctrine right in the song...not the touchy, feely, sentimental sappy ones. (How's that for being opinionated?!)

About the denomination you visited...they also teach that you MUST be baptized to be saved. Also, there are some churches of that denomination who now allow musical instruments in their services. Just FYI. I am familiar with it because we have relatives in that denomination.

About visiting churches...just do what the Bereans did: carefully check and compare everything you are taught with the Scripture. When you find a place that is serious about the Bible and rightly divides the Word, that's the place to be!

Eowyn said...

Hmmm . . . Your blog title was scrolling by on e-blogger and I just had to click on it. It's great. But now you've teased me (and others). Being a word fiend myself, I must know the phrase that so irritates you, please. Also, if you let it out here we will be helping you NOT to retch on someone. That's a good thing! Intentional retching on another person, simply for the misuse of a word is really better avoided, don't you think? Every one makes mistakes, so everyone deserves a little grace! (Smiling!) Even people who use the phrase ___________. (You fill in the blank, if you please.) : )

Also, I'm at if you have time to say hi.

Liliana said...

Eowyn, to date I have not barfed yet and yes, that's a good thing! This worrrrd, this worrrrd I s*cks. Its use has become so common, so widespread. I don't think that because everyone's using it, it's okay to use it. It's an ugly word and I sure don't want it in my kids vocabulary. But I may be in the minority. We also don't use the word 'Shut-up.' That's not quite the the same level, but nevertheless, that's how our household goes. :)

Eowyn said...

Thank you, Liliana. That is an ugly word, and wrongly used quite often. We don't say "shut up", either, or denigrate each other with words. Seek peace and pursue it!

Liliana said...

Eowyn, I'm tryin'. Every day. :)