Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thank you for your prayers

I'm back. Have I been gone only one week!? It seems much longer than that.

Our satellite dish had an accident! On our first day back there was a big New Mexico storm. There was hard rain, thunder, lightning, and high winds. A wonderful storm, except what do you think is the worst thing that can happen to a satellite dish? Indeed, to fall over. Even with 40 pounds of weight for stabilization it fell alll the way down. Rain eroded the sand away from the feet of our tripod, cracked the dish and the nose was lodged in the sand (the nose part being the important thingie that sticks out of the middle of the dish?). It's an awful sight I tell you. Generally if your satellite falls over you're toast. But we were lucky. My husband ordered a new dish which was about fifty bucks and we hoped that was all we needed. The nose part costs mucho dinero and that's what we'd have to replace if the dish replacement didn't fix it. We had the dish mailed to us with fastest delivery, another fifty bucks there. The new dish fixed our problem and we were able to connect! And my husband didn't have a fit. I was sure he'd be hollering when he saw the dish on the ground but he was so calm; another blessing.

It's sprinkling and cloudy today. Last year we had only ten drops of rain the whole time we were here. This year is different. I'm happy here! I'm relieved to be here.

I'm knitting. Woohoo! My friend two spaces away knits and she lent me some yarn and circular needles and showed me how last night. My project is going to be a scarf after I do more practicing. I'm really a dwid trying to learn this. My practice stitches don't look like any knitting I've seen. But when I started making earrings I tore apart my first pair twice until I was satisfied with them. That's the learning curve.

Hoped that a church nearby might be the one for us. I went alone first, then took our son to their Awana program. Why is it that churches are wanting to be so inclusive that they fail to enforce even a minimum standard of behavior? I know they don't want to turn youngsters away, but this class of 15 fourth to sixth graders with two teachers was quite rough. A girl shoved our son. He's not to hit girls but in a situation like this one must defend one's space or be shoved about mercilessly. Two boys had filthy mouths. Apparently the teachers could not control the class. They ended snack time early because kids were out of control. I saw a boy kick the wall and bathroom door hard. I headed over and he high tailed it out before I could say something. Well, we've been to a lot of Sunday Schools over the past year and a half of traveling - some very good, some so-so, and some bad. I'm not making him go back. Truth be told, I give a more in-depth Bible study at home than what most youth programs offer on Sunday or Wednesday nights. Tomorrow I'm going to a Church of Christ. I hope they have kids. I hope I can find a good home church for us. Fellowship would be nice.

I have email to write and knitting to knit and a quilt to sew and earrings to make. It will be a fun day. I also have to rethink my time on the Web. This past week with the absence of Internet, I've realized that I spend too much time being a mouse potato. It's insidious because I feel like I'm being productive...but I'm really not. It's always something, isn't it?


kim in MI said...

hey, I'm learning to knit, too!
I learned to cast on, to knit, and to badly bind off. But I haven't learned to purl yet. Maybe today's the day.
Kim in MI

Liliana said...

Commenting to myself. Comment, comment, and another comment.

Liliana said...

Hi Kim! I am only knitting too. I figure, I'll get good at the knit stitch, then I'll learn the purl. I guess the purl is supposed to be easy - like knitting backwards or something? Heh. I can cast on very well now. I like doing that.