Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sock bun

A new hairdo! Posted by Picasa

Sock buns. I heard about them. I saw them. But I had no idea how to make one until I found pictures. Does the the Long Hair Community rock or what?

It only took me three tries to get this. Usually I do a plain cinnamon bun because I don't like to place an elastic close to my head for an all day, every day hair style. I'm afraid it'll break the hairs. With this sock bun it's held gently at the base by a very soft holding scrunchie. What a great concept. I tried a ponytail elastic and it looked, frankly, stupid on me. It made the bun pop up from my head like a bizarre tulip. Tried the scrunchie and, bam!, it worked.

Monoi oil is giving the shine to the hair that's wrapped. This is third day post wash.


Fox said...

Awesome! Just awesome! I am going to try to see if I can't make my hair do something similar. You look so beautiful!


Christina said...

I love this style on you! Your hair looks unbelieveably shiny and smooth. Serious jealousy over here. :)

Thanks for the pic...kepp 'em coming! :)

Can you tell me the link for the directions??

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip about the loose scrunchie. I'll try that when my hair is long enough. I cut some off because of heavy shedding due to illness. I also wanted to get rid of some of the layers and the dyed hair. My hair has a very similar colour and greying pattern to yours. I think I will leave it to grow now, even though there's still some dyed ends, after seeing how it looks in your spectacular sock bun.

LOL at your comment about seeming self-absorbed. But, we blog readers can find information all over the blog world. It's you we want to know about.

I think we should all adopt your 'post-wash' term and write PW instead of DD. Much nicer.

busyHSmom said...

It looks lovely.

Wanted to let you know that a strange thing happened when I visited your site was not updated. However, when I clicked on one of the comments section, I noticed that although it said "3 comments" on the page, there were actually 5 comments. Then I noticed where you said there were new pictures, but I was not seeing new pictures. Well, to make a short story long, I had to "refresh" to make all your new stuff show up! Weird, eh? I'm just glad that it occurred to me, or I would have missed all the new stuff!

Liliana said...

Fox - Thanks. I had fun yesterday. Today I'm my regular self again, but I can't wait to do my hair up that way again.

Christina - Seriously? Jealousy? Jealousy is good! Meow! (Hehe!)
Link is the girl at LHC.

Sabine - Oh I've gotta tell my husband that you said it's me the blogworld wants to know about. That is priceless. He'll laugh so much! That's a good one.

When my hair is down it gets some rather nice streaks in the front. When up, it looks sort of all over similar. Funny it does that. Anywho, good luck with growing the layers out. A few ladies are letting the silvers come in. I'm pretty sure Kara has been. It's a big step, huh.

BHSM - Yep, I have to refresh too.