Sunday, October 15, 2006

A comment! A comment! My kingdom for a comment!

Word is at the discussion board, someone has left me comments. But I have received neither notification nor a sign of any comments submitted. I thought no one was commenting. Ever.

My feelings were crushed, utterly annihilated, by the fact that my blog has received nary a single comment for a full six months. I figured my writing had become dull, had lost its glow, and my ten devoted readers had simply sought greener pastures. (See? My lower lip is starting to quiver.)


Anonymous said...

I've left a few comments but never saw them on the blog. I figured it was because of comment moderation. Did they not get through?

kim in mi said...

I'm your man!

Actually, I comment (well, try to) fairly often. Although less since they never get published or acknowledged. Here I thought you were just pondering them in your head and tucking them away. But if you WANT comments, whoo, I'm the one to come to. LOL!

so here's a test one. :-D

Liliana said...

Sabine and Kim, THANK YOU! You've made my day, week, month, year! Guess what. I never received any comments at all, ever. Bless your hearts for posting and posting more than once when it appeared that I wasn't even responding. You must have thought me to be quite the dunderhead. You are surely full of patience and are slow to get upset. Kim, thanks a billion for posting about this at the discussion board or I'd have never known a problem existed. Now I know where comments are and how to publish them. XX00 to you both. ~Lil

busyHSmom said...

Oh honey!! Just like Sabine and Kim, I have been commenting for months now! LOTS of times! I just thought you were not publishing them!!