Monday, May 11, 2009

A good day

[Myheart. Ourheart.]

I woke up. I had my favorite breakfast, coffee and toast. Got dressed in my new skirt and blouse, put my hair in a Chinese bun with my purple hairstick from Fox and we went to church. I, fully content with the fact that I got to tithe the amount from the date we left including every Sunday up to today. I had told my husband we didn't have to since we've been hemorrhaging money on account of me going to the doc's four times in six weeks. But I woke and there were the funds on my keyboard. It was the bestest Mother's
day present. I was surprised!

I fixed myself grilled cheese and Campbell's chicken soup for lunch and husband prepared gourmet macaroni and cheese with spinach for dinner. After dinner our son gave me a ginormous chocolate chip cookie and hand made card. During the evening he ate most of my cookie. Hehe! I could only eat a little bit. It was soft and delicious like I like it. Helen is so sweet to have made it with him for me.

The spinach in the microwave caused the A/C compressor to turn off again. Again it was like a hot box in here. Again we went for a drive. This was the most interesting part of the day. We drove to the far campground and found Speedy and Cheryl were there! Speedy is named Speedy because when he was 12 he was the fastest newspaper boy of any of the newspaper boys. He's not fast anymore and he has a bad cough. They pull their fiver with a semi. We visited for half hour then said good-bye. Cheryl talked to Reta just an hour before we got there. Reta's dear Jack died two years ago. No, it was three years ago. Where does the time go? She moved to Oregon and bought a condo but she's not happy. She's got the itchy feet but is hesitant to travel on her own. I wonder what she'll do.

On our way home two women were waving their arms and crying in the middle of the road. As we approached I hoped they didn't have a gun or anything. They didn't. I worry too much. Their car got stuck in the sand and Crazy Wayne was there. He was wearing a coat and underwear and a gray afro from the '60s and they were scared. A man before us had stopped to help them, but their cell wasn't working. We let them use ours. They asked if we'd drive them to town to get a tow and we said sure. So they jumped in and we drove. It was a mom and about a 15 year old daughter I'd guess. As we drove we saw a tow truck approaching. We all waved at him frantically (well we ladies did) and we both stopped on the road and talked through the windows. Apparently the man who first stopped to assist them contacted a tow company already! They thanked us, hopped out and got in the tow truck. They were pretty scared but they would be okay. They had two strong men to help them and they'd be out of the sand before dark set in. We got home and the inside of the trailie was comfy cool. I didn't have to do dishes because it was Mother's Day.

It was a good Mother's Day. Year: two thousand and nine. How many more will there be?

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