Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oklahoma and maybe a life change

Taken through the windshield. Raindrop blur at bottom.

We didn't see a Welcome to Oklahoma sign. My husband said Oklahoma saved up its money for an awesome rest stop. This is the entrance. Purty nice signage!

We drove in some wind and some rain today. We were in rain three times. At least it wasn't all day so that's good. It's very green here.

We're staying at a small RV park next to the old Route 66. The I-40 has been right next to the old 66 for a long ways. The little lady who owns this place was sweet as can be. She doesn't take debit cards so we were collecting the cash between the three of us, $23.00, and for a minute we only had $22.00 and she said that would do. Awful sweet of her. We gave her the $23.00 though.

Tonight my husband said he had something to say. When he says this I stop and listen. I stopped washing dishes, took off my pink Playtex gloves, took my iPod thingies out of my ears, and looked at him. I know him by now. And tonight he said this might be our last year of travel and we might start thinking about getting a house. The king of our family has spoken! So I'm a little excited and a little blue, but he always makes wise decisions for us. He's always changed jobs at the right time, bought and sold the house at the right time, moved our money at the right time. In retrospect, all of his decisions for us have been sound. I wouldn't think to argue. Well, unless I had a good argument, and I don't. He said he thinks the low fuel prices are an anomaly and they won't last. I think he's right. This year we've been able to fuel up twice for the same amount one fill-up cost last year. He said Oklahoma has the lowest fuel prices. I never thought I'd see prices this low again in my lifetime! It sure is nice. I will appreciate this summer knowing it may the the last of its kind.

What I want is a view of the lake. Can we get what I want? Is it in the realm of possibility? What I want is small. My best wish would be 1000 square feet. Most things with views are very big, rather grand; multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and ginormous garages. But I want to continue a life lived small. Could I have a very small house with a very large window? Is my desire possible? Does it exist? Does it exist?

Lord, does it exist?

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