Sunday, May 03, 2009

I sense success

First a few photos from last week.

A beautiful pelican. It must be a male because he's so colorful.

An angelic face. As we left the beach area there was this one last seal lying on the rocks. She really responded to my sister. More people came over and took photos as the seal responded to my sister's voice.

And a baby.

I got a little over half of one Russian leaf done tonight. I'm excited. Perseverance!

I'm interested in using Skype or something for making calls on the internet and using the web cam. It's my sister's idea. My husband got a new laptop that has a web cam built in. It's quite fun and we're not even connected to anyone but ourselves yet. Haha! I need to make sure that video calls don't use too much bandwidth though since I only get so much per day.

The worst thing happened last week with my sister. We were talking to this girl, I'd guess a college student, Asian, who said she saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in person in La Jolla. As I walked up to my sister who's four years younger than I, the girl said, "Oh is this your mom?" Can I say how this has destroyed my ego? I already had a little ego (ego is different from vanity) and now I have no ego. Pffft. Gone, disappeared, annihilated. I was horrified. I covered my mouth and couldn't move a muscle from pure anguish. And the girl was horrified too. Then she tried to clean up and say she was going to say sister, but the damage was all done. My sister never even smiled and you'd think as a competitive sister she would have. But she didn't. And the girl couldn't apologize enough. I felt bad for her for half a second, but I've felt worse for me ever since. Sigh. In my defense, I didn't feel great, had been in bed the week before, I had my hair in a tight bun, and I have lots of grey hair and my sister has none. She keeps saying that if my hair was down the girl would never have said it. I don't care if my hair was up or down. I felt really bad.

My husband had a dream about me last night. He said men dressed in riot gear, holding both my arms, were escorting me out of a building. I hope it's not prophetic. I'm going on 50 and if I look like 70 someone's going to need riot gear before July 8th.

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