Sunday, May 24, 2009

I feel better

Woohoo! My mom has the same thing I have so that means it's not the clindamycin. It's a bug. A regular old everyday abdominal bug. Boy am I glad. Hopefully I won't have to go to a doctor.

I have new Playtex gloves. Ever since they came out with the pink I've bought nothing but pink. The other day my husband found a purple pair for me! Now I can't wait to get a hole in my pink ones so I can use my new purple ones! Happy is the woman who washes dishes in purple Playtex gloves.

Tonight I made chicken noodle soup and it turned out very well. Homemade chicken soup will cure what ails you. Yep, it do.

It rained much of last night and on and off through the day.

The campers across from us are in gigantic motor homes and they sit in a semi-circle outside their rig watching tv. They smoke and eat and ride an electric golf cart around the campground. Even the young girls in the family are overweight. (One is on her cell phone at the moment.) I think it's so sad. The new rigs all have tv for outside viewing. I woke at 6:00am to the yammering sound of their television and it has been on literally all day long. Well, I guess camping means different things to different people.

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