Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oops. Back in Nashville.

I had to go to the doctor. Again. We drove five hours to come back. Turns out I have one of the most common side effects from using Clindamycin. Clindamycin kills off bacteria both good and bad, so my good bacteria, being wiped out, could not fight the bad bacteria and the bad bacteria took over my colon. It's a powerful antibiotic and should never have been prescribed to me for a bladder infection in April. It's not for bladder infections! No wonder it worked so slowly. I've lost all faith in urgent care. It seems like a good concept but twice I got doctors who were not knowledgeable. The physician I saw today said, "That's urgent care." I hope never to have to go urgent care again.

I have C. diff. It can be downright painful. I could feel a cramp thinking about coming on and it would take its time then wrench my abdomen. In addition, it is definitely gross. The physician gave me a prescription with a refill. He says I may likely need to take it for more than 10 days, so that's why the refill for another 10 days. He was a fantastic doctor. He's a Libertarian and very active in politics. My mom recommended him to me and I can't thank her enough. But since he knows my mom I think he figured I'm like her. My mom is very bright, talkative, curious, smart. Way. Smart. I'm educated too but I'm no mathematician. That gene skipped my generation. My mom is cerebral and has a depth of knowledge that I lack. So anyhoo, he started talking about things that I have no idea what he was saying. Man, I was doing my best to look intelligent. On the inside I was screaming, "Think of something to say! Think of something to say!" But alas, I came up with nothing. My mom is a trip. It makes me appreciate her.

Talked to my cousin on the phone tonight. It was like we never skipped a beat. It was like we haven't stopped talking for three years. It was kinda cool. I'm going to see her tomorrow afternoon.

The plan is to go back to Smoky Mountains on Saturday. Oh how I hope I will be well soon. The doctor said I won't get this C. diff again after I finish the meds and it is fine for me to travel. I was afraid I might get it over and over but he said no. He did say not to take any antibiotics for awhile after this.

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