Friday, May 15, 2009

Tucumcari, NM

It was a nice drive today. We enjoy the desert scenery. We'll miss it. There was a wild wind here in the late afternoon, luckily after we were off the road. It was a warm wind and there were great, gray clouds, billowy white at the top, in the sky.

At dinner my husband asked us what was our favorite part of the day. Actually first he talked about the meaning of happily ever after. We talked about that for awhile and it led to our favorite part of today. His was how well the truck pulled the trailer. There was a long incline and the truck had no problems with the pull. Our son's favorite part was buying a decorative cedar box with a picture of horses on the lid from one of the truck stops. He had seen one like it at another Flying J store a month or so ago and coveted it ever since. He got money for his birthday and spent $20.00 of it on the box. It's smells so nice. I was surprised he spent so much on it. He really wanted it. My favorite part was when they went into McDonald's to get breakfast, and as I sat in the truck I observed the sparrows making a delicious morning meal of the insects on the front grill of the semi-truck next to us. I thought about sparrows in the Bible. It says God knows every hair on our heads, He forgets not a single sparrow, and He values us above the sparrow so we should not be afraid. I imagined myself a sparrow. I thought about how sparrows don't know about the Bible and how I wouldn't like to eat insects. Blech!

Tomorrow we're going through the panhandle of Texas and into Oklahoma. We're not looking forward to driving through Memphis in a couple days. Eeek.

My husband told me to go to bed. We need an early start tomorrow. Ciao!

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