Saturday, May 30, 2009

A day

Truck window drive by photography. A little old shack. I hope to see more.

There's the cutest basset hound puppy next door. His ears drag on the ground.

We made it to our destination at 4:00pm. It's like déjà vu all over again!

When we left the other day I did something I never do. I knew they gave no refunds here but I was so sad about leaving that I worked up the courage to go and ask if they might give me a night free at least. We paid for three nights and stayed for only one. I hoped that if I got anything at all that I could convince my husband to come back. A Christian family runs the campground and the sign out front says God Bless. I didn't expect I'd get anything because I'm one of those people who has a naturally guilty looking face. Ever since I was a kid I've had the kind of face that looks like I did it even if I didn't. Well, I went ahead and asked her and I saw the wheels in her mind a-turning as she sized me up. Then she said, okay. Wow! I was happy! This brand of campground puts it in black and white, No Refunds Ever. Thinking it over, I think it did not hurt that I was dressed modestly. I think the Holy Spirit whispered in her ear, She's being honest, give this sister a break.. Either that or the fear of having to get a possible colonoscopy showed on my face. Haha!

When we returned today she asked me how I was. She was so nice. And she asked if we homeschool and I said yes. I do wonder how people know or guess we homeschool. It happened just the other day too except the last person stated plainly, "You homeschool." The lady here told me she homeschooled her two children. The other lady was very pro-homeschool. The way she stated it I wasn't sure at first. So, do we look like fruits and nuts? Do I look like a granola mom?

There's gonna be church here at the outside pavilion tomorrow. I'm all freshened up and washed my hair tonight. Life. Is good!

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