Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dishes and trees

A satellite dish and tree canopy is not a good match. We found a gorgeous state campground in Tennessee on Monday but we had to move. Our satellite dish won't work in the trees and lemme tell ya, they got alotta trees in Tennessee; big, tall, and bright green. There's so much green here I almost had to make this photo black and white.

The weather is lovely. The humidity hasn't set in so it's perfect weather.

The highlight of our week is that our wonderful dentist got us in with a week's notice and once we got here he got us all done in two days. They gave us the appointments that got canceled. They are so kind. This dentist is the best dentist for kids too. His shots don't hurt. He's remarkable. We had a dentist in California who touted himself a specialist in childrens dentistry but our dentist in Nashville puts him to shame. The one in California, we found to be condescending toward the children. I hate condescension toward youngsters. It's so insulting. We wondered if we were the only ones who noticed it.

Our son had three cavities and I had three and my husband had none. My mouth was numb all the way up to my nose and we went to Golden Corral for dinner. Have you heard of the Golden Corral? It's a restaurant with a gigantic buffet. There are all kinds of meats and veggies and desserts. I can't believe what a spread of food they have there. We've gone twice already. It's so good! Tonight was less than satisfying for me though because I thought I could chew okay but found I had to be real careful not to bite myself. I ate so carefully I gave myself a headache afterward. The best part of my meal was two dark chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

On the drive here we saw a lot of armadillos on the side of the road dead. I hear they're slow so they get hit a lot. I saw one whose body looked perfect but I think he was dead. It's really sad. They're so cute and such unique creatures. I don't take pictures of dead things.

We're on our way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday morn. My dear cousin decided to go out of town this week-end so I can't see her till Monday I guess.

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