Saturday, May 09, 2009


Catalina State Park, Arizona. May 2009
Nice park. Lots of saguaro. Nice trails. We only walked the one mile birding trail because of the heat but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Hey, hey, help! I'm all by myself out here!"

This park is unusual because literally across the street from the entrance there's a Wal-Mart, Petco, a shoe store, and two Walgreen's within three miles. Oh, and housing. Tons of housing everywhere. As we looked for the park we thought, Oh no, are we spending the night in the city in a state park? This is too weird.

But the park was lovely and we didn't hear traffic noise. Arizona is so lucky they staked out the area for a state park. It's eight square miles, north of Tucson (what, one foot from the city boundary?) has archaeological sites, and lots of bird life. The bird songs we heard were great!

The park was especially refreshing after Benson, Arizona, where we spent the night at an RV park. We called it the campground of the dead. It's one of those places that look perfect, not a pebble out of place, but look out. They won't come out and tell you forthright, but they're not child friendly. Example, my son and I went to use the jacuzzi one evening. No one was in the pool or the jacuzzi. No one was in sight anywhere in the whole park in fact. We were in for ten minutes when a man appeared and told us we had to get out. He said children under age 18 aren't allowed in the jacuzzi. I checked afterward and the sign said no children under 14 without parental supervision. He said sorry, but he wasn't sorry. They'd rather the amenities sit unused, than have a child use them. My husband was hot, as in not happy.

Our current plan is to leave here Friday morning and venture towards Gettysburg. My husband has wanted to see Gettysburg for years. There's an excellent historical novels called Killer Angels and if you want to get some history on the Civil War it's the book to read. It was so good!

Guess I'll do some beading now. I have to take a shower too. I better do that first because there are only two and this campground is full. I can't shower in the trailer because we only have water and electric hook-ups here. Have to conserve water. We'll have to button up and make a short trip to the dump station soon. That's a drag.

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