Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I need three appointments but I was only able to get one so far. We'll have our son go in first because our dentist in Nashville is just the best. Last filling our son got he didn't even feel the shot of Novocaine. That's a good dentist! Hopefully there will be some cancellations so husband and I can get in too. Our son will be getting braces later this year so he needs his teeth in a state of readiness.

My husband. He said my corner where I sit will turn into a rat's nest if I keep my current CDs in a pile here. He's got a nerve! I've gotta import them to my iPod. I'm unaware as to how papers, CDs, manila envelopes, drinking glasses, ear buds, pens and newspapers collect here but they're all things of interest and things I'm doing. I'm very active in this corner you know. If I put it all away I'll never get anything done.

My iPod froze up on me tonight. That was an hour wasted. One full hour of pure unadulterated stress. Finally I figured it out and it wasn't frozen at all. There's a minuscule micro slider button on the bottom. It's a lock that I must have inadvertently touched. All this time I had no idear there was a button there. Do the young, hip, technology people intentionally mess with us older people whose eyes are no longer sharp? I think they're stickin' it to me!

Three more sleeps and we start the traveling year. Good golly Miss Molly! Our plans have firmed up a bit and we're heading to Tennessee on our way to Pennsylvania (Gettysburg). We won't be spending a month in Wyoming. KOA Campground at Devils Tower, one of my absolute favorite places in the USA, has raised their fees. It will now cost us $1,290.00 to stay for one month. What? If I pay that much for a month's stay I better have a porcelain toilet instead of a plastic one and mints on my pillow at night. Needless to say, we may not stop there at all or if we do, only for a few days. I do love Wyoming. :(

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