Friday, May 01, 2009

Leaving San Diego

This is La Jolla where the extremely wealthy folks live. We had a wonderful day here. The salt air smelled so good and the sound of the ocean waves and wind was music to my soul. When I was 23 I lived a few blocks from the beach and I used to jog three miles of coast, or sometimes I'd just sit in the sand and watch the waves in the evenings after work. Good memories.

See the little cove in the distance. That's were I wanted to go. Those are harbor seals lying about in the sand. When I was young it was a children's beach but sometime back the seals took it over and the people let them have it. I think that's nice. It's a treat to watch them although they don't do much but loll about in the sand and sleep.

See what I mean?

We'll be on the road at 9:00am tomorrow morn. We're off to see the saguaro cacti in Arizona on our way to New Mexico. I've wanted to stop and spend the night with the saguaro for a few years as we always pass them on the drive from New Mexico to California, but the campground has no sewer hook-up and we do like having full hook-ups generally. This year we're going to stop there and spend the night anyways. So spoiled are we. I did see the temp is supposed to be 94 degrees tomorrow so we may not stay a few days if it stays that hot. Saguaro cactus and joshua trees are fascinating. They look like a myriad of figures dotting the landscape, telling their stories. I imagine what each one has to say or what they say to each other.

In 15 minutes it's the first day of May! Happy May! May should be a good month.

Tonight I had one last fling with my sis. We went to Mimi's Cafe and had a dessert. My treat. I left the waitress a $10.00 tip because she was so good and so sweet. My sister can talk and talk she did. We must have been there two and a half hours. She didn't want to leave, I could tell. Finally I said, "Colleen, we can't stay here all night ya know." So we left. She said she admires how I exit and don't do messy good-byes. Hate the messy good-byes, eh? But I admit I teared up as she turned right and I turned left on the road home. I had to shake it off with the radio turned up loud.

She thinks I'll instantaneously be all well when we leave. We shall see.

I feel compelled to say sorry for not posting. If you clicked in all month, I'm sorry about that. Guess I fell off the horse. I don't usually, but hey, even monkeys fall out of trees. Perhaps some things are better left unblogged? I've had a case of the uglies and I hope that'll go away too for goodness sakes.

Oh I have to add - my husband went with me to see my dear old dad today. It was the best visit of all. Husband is my better half you know. Everything is better with him present. Even our son said, "Mamma, you were relaxed." What? Me, relax? Haha! With God all things are possible. My husband hadn't spoken to my pop for over five years.

Sweet, sweet May. Take me away. . . .

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