Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Evidently obsessed

I can't stop with the Russian leaves. I'm still unable to make one with veins. The one I finished (brown one) I am no longer satisfied with. The top didn't turn out nice enough. I simply cannot hang that from my ear and feel good about it. Back to the drawing board. It's pretty but too narrow to add veins in the center. The other one is the pitiful specimen I created in class. What I want to do, like the one I saw at the bead shop, is make two leaves and put one behind the other and sew them together to make one earring. The brown one is a nice shape for the back but I gotta learn enough peyote to get the veins added.

Ordered our curriculum for next school year. They do a sale once a year so I buy in May and it'll be online for me in September and they'll send us the books and consumables in September. I can't believe I'll be teaching 7th grade! Oh my gosh. I sure like teaching. I'd be a teacher if I could have a class of motivated students. In my dreams, I'd like to be an art teacher. Next year I'll be teaching Life Science (we're doing Earth Science this year), English (his favorite subject next to history), and the first of two years of World History (we're doing Civil War up to the modern era this year). Oh and math, but I don't teach math. When I had to start asking my husband for help in about second grade he said he thought he ought to take over. Heh. Good thing.

Our youngest son will be 12 this month and our eldest will be 31 this month.

Youngest made a friend exactly his age when we were in San Diego. He and his family moved to San Diego from Alaska. Said they got tired of not seeing the sun. I can believe that. They were from Eagle River not far from Anchorage. At first he told us he was from Anchorage and I said, man, that's the city all right. Then he said Eagle River and we said oh we've been through there. I'm sure it's just easier to say Anchorage because most people wouldn't know where Eagle River is. Our son and he were texting today. It's nice for him to have a new friend that he has so much in common with. I've ended two sentences with the word with. Am I okay tonight? It's not illegal to end a sentence with a preposition but you should find another way to express your idea because ending with a preposition is generally frowned upon.

Today we visited Tombstone, Arizona. It's so commercial. They want money for everything.

Tomorrow we're driving to New Mexico. I have to get up at 8:00am.

Guess what. I think I'm all well! I have no discomfort. As of tonight I feel safe to say it's all cleared up. I'm doing a happy dance! God is good. He's a little slow, but I guess to Him he's right on time. I prayed through it even when I wanted to lie there like a lump of misery. That's a change because in the olden days I'd just isolate myself. Shouldn't do that. You need to be part of the body, the body of Christ, and accept prayers and ask for them. And be thankful for them. I am. :)

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