Saturday, May 09, 2009

One good, one not

I found two sterling silver earring tops that look good with my leaves so I sewed the leaves together and sewed the o-rings on too. One earring turned out well and one not well. Give me a big tissue. Waaah. I can't tear it apart without complete ruination of the earring. I'll have to sew two more leaves and try again. I think I might put a dab of glue on them this time before I sew. They're very wiggly to hold, and the stitches are so tiny. I realize now it's gong to be hard to make the two earrings look similar. The two I have now are dissimilar. Can't wear them. This is why 99% of the Russian leaf earrings I've seen are singles. Ahhh yes, now I see the truth!

In other news, I've been meaning to do my toenails for three weeks. I've got to get that done tomorrow.

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