Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tried glue

I made two more leaves tonight. Since the sewing on the first one looks so sloppy because I couldn't hold the tiny o-ring and two leaves together and see what I was doing at the same time, this time I dabbed a bit of glue between the two leaves and another dab on the o-ring. I'll let it dry overnight and tomorrow I'll sew them all together and the plan is that they won't constantly slip out of my fingers.

My husband says we can stay at Devils Tower in Wyoming for ten days. Hoooweee! I'm joyful. Prairie dog town here I come!

I washed and measured my hair today and it's 42.5. I hadn't updated my hair log for quite sometime. My ends are still straight across and lookin' pretty nice.

Well. It was a slow day.

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