Monday, September 15, 2008

Very useful

This is's map of America's political book buying. Cute! I'm being facetious about the usefulness but I like that Amazon is being tongue-in-cheek creative.

We had a giant spider in here today. It was a wolf spider. Eeek. I'm so glad I'm married. My brave and courageous husband herded it outside. It was a good three inches in width. It had just come in the door when he came inside and it was on the wall in the kitchen area. He opened the door again and it scampered right back outside. Then my husband went out and brushed it off of the trailer onto the ground. I was glad he didn't kill it. I'm not crazy about the arachnids, but as long as they're not on me I'd rather let them live rather than smite them. Except sun spiders. Those ones freak me out. I have to change the subject. Eeek.

I'm still deciding on which t-shirt to buy. I don't want one with a mean saying. I think I like the one that has Ronald Reagan on it. I borrowed the picture from Cafepress to put here. They have a doofus javascript to keep you from copying it but I'm saying it's their picture and not taking credit for it, so the web police can't put me behind bars.

Another one I'm considering is a picture of the state of Alaska, a barracuda, and Sarah's name.

The other one I want, and have had bookmarked forever, is this one.

I've been trying to widen my reading horizons, online type, so I added the BBC and the Jerusalem Post to my news bookmarks. I got the idea from our pastor yesterday.

Today I got buried in election articles. Finally I asked my husband, who's doing the best today? He said it doesn't matter. The election is still far away and we have to wait and see how the televised debates go. He's right of course. I tried to get a countdown clock (49 days till November 4th now!) but none would fit in my sidebar. Boo. That Sarah. She's got moxie. She's got grit. The Democrats sure want to be rid of her.

Ice cream time! I have Haagen-Daz chocolate.

Oh yeah. Our first day of sixth grade went really well today. I love K12, the curriculum we're using. The only thing is, I was surprised they don't have a spelling strand this year. They do spelling up to grade five. That's unusual, isn't it? I can't remember for sure whether I did spelling in sixth grade but I thought we did. He's doing "English" which sounds so grown-up to me, a bit of Latin and Greek, pre-algebra, earth science, and history from 1865 to present.

I bought myself a new teacher's pen. The kind that has four colors in one pen. I had one just like it in ninth grade.

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