Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dance move for the hair

We had a great deal of thunder and lightning tonight. It's my favorite weather as long as it's not dangerous.

In dance I learned a new move for my hair. I've been performing my dance each night of class to improve it. After a first run through my Ficcare was pulling a little so I let my hair down and on a whim said, "I think I'll dance it with my hair down once." My teacher said, "Wow, it's gotten so long. It's really grown since I saw it last, hasn't it?" I told her I wasn't sure but I think so maybe and I told her I wanted to grow it to mid-thigh. She said hers doesn't grow past APL. Those aren't her exact words but that's what she meant. She said, "May I?" I told her sure, and she ran her hands through it.

So. Are you holding onto your hat? I will describe a lovely dance move for your hair!

Bend over at your waist and do a hair toss downwards. As a headbanger I'm fond of the hair toss. I always bang my head in my warm up just to be sure I don't lose it. I do circular, side to side, plain up and down, and large bang forward and back with full body. It builds stamina. Some people can only bang for a minute or less. My husband would so laugh at me because I talk about it as if it's a real accomplishment. Well, this is my life. Gotta keep it real. If you don't bang for a long time you can really hurt your neck. I never could do the super fast headbang. I like it when I see it though. You don't see it often. I saw a Zydeco guy once. Or rather, a Cajun guy playing Zydeco. Man, he could rock. He was playing the washboard? He was like a rubberman. I digress.

Do not step on the hair. I recommend this because naturally that's the first thing I did. Ouch! It smarted. Live and learn. We danced in heels on Wednesday night and I'm lucky I didn't end up on my behind. But I digress.

Supposing you have very long hair, the hair is hanging down touching the floor a little. If your hair's not super long you can still definitely do it. Now slowly, as in gracefully, as in languidly, bring your arms in between you and your hair. Remember in grade school when you had to put your head down on your desk? Do it sort of like that but not so close to your forehead. Now for the magical part! Slowly, slowly, keep it slow, stand up, allow your audience to enjoy watching the hair, then stand all the way straight up and at the last moment use your arms to push your hair behind you. Taa daa!

One of the students tonight, I think she was crying before class. Today, without warning, she lost her job. Yesterday her step son went to jail. He has a $75,000 bond. I don't know about these things but I think that's a pretty high bail. I think he may have done something pretty bad. I asked her his age and she said he's 22. She didn't say what he was in for so I didn't ask. I could tell she was not so sad after dance though. Moving is good for you when life gets you down.

I led the warm-ups for class tonight and on Wednesday night too. My teacher is training me a little. I forgot to mention it on my Wednesday night post.

Tonight I was thinking so hard to remember the stretches I wanted to do that I made little eye contact with anyone so I need to work on that. My workmates at one of my old jobs said my personality was like Woodstock. You know Woodstock in the Charlie Brown comic? That's how I feel. I wish God would take this dopey anxiousness off of me. I wish I would be important and graceful and confident and knowledgeable. One student said I was cute and I did a silent scream. She said it because I stood there and said that my music ran out so I don't know what to do! Where ever I go I am still me. I keep expecting to change because I'm older, but here I am. I'm a little yellow bird flying upside down. Okay, well this monologue in going downhill fast so. . . .

I guess that's all I have for tonight!

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