Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looking forward to measuring

It's still three whole days till measuring day but I'm optimistic. I think it looks like it grew a little. I sure hope so.

Today I washed it and was compelled to over oil it. Why do I do that? I do that because if a little is good then a little more ought to be better, but everyone who's anyone knows that is untrue. So I had a big, single, unremarkable, ringlet of hair instead of a nice fluffy, shiny, hemline all day. I finger dried it outside so that was good even though I killed the good looks soon as it dried.

It's tickling the top of my thighs. That's a milestone. I have to write that down on the 1st. Finally I made it around that big curve ifn's you know what I mean. And it makes me think of getting a trim. I know I should let it go because how can you grow longer if you cut it, but I sure get a hankering for a nice trim. My last trim was March so I ought to wait till this coming March, but I do want one now. I just love those brand new ends.

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