Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good poses and bad poses

In pictures I notice a certain pose ladies do with one foot a little ahead of the other. I always thought it was rather pretentious but I realize now it's a camera trick that really works. Case in point. Keep your knees together to take a ladylike photograph.

And if they're not together and you're climbing up a steep dune the ladylike quality is out the door.

I was all happy and looking forward to writing tonight but I just got in trouble for giving too much at church last week. My son offhandedly mentioned that I gave twice; Sunday morn and Sunday eve. Normally it's only on Sunday mornings that I tithe out of my own part of our income which really I only get because of my husband, and he told me not to go over that. I did last week and I didn't tell him. I can't do it again. He told me to get a job if I want to donate more at church.

We had a pastor all the way from the Philippines, a bishop, visit our church and he did Sunday night's preaching and teaching and that's why I put double in the offering. Twice a month he feeds all the children who live at the dump in Manila, a city of nine million. They run a school with 35 pupils. And the sickest children at the dump - they take them away from the dump and give them health care till they are better.

Mmmm. I feel bad twicely now. You know, that bad feeling in your chest? Because I love my husband and made him mad and because the children are starving.

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