Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is coming

I woke up and saw the headlines. It's comical how I can read a headline at one news outlet and then I find a headline stating the opposite at another news outlet. I throw my arms up in the air and ask how can I tell how it's going today! It would have been neato if Palin and Clinton were at the same venue for a cause at the same time. Too bad there won't be a joint appearance at the New York rally. What's happening in Iran will one day override everything. Everything. It would be wild to have the two women together. I guess there was something on Saturday Night Live that by chance turns out to be similar to real life. Art imitates life? I like good comedy. I read that Sarah thought it was funny. I must say SNL has never been as good as it was in the '70s.

Last week I signed up at the McCain site and was hoping for something to do and today I received an email. Asking for money. Awww. I was disappointed they didn't have an actual job for me. And McCain talked about the 'fight.' Meh, that's such a turnoff. I guess it has to boil down to fighting but that's sad. It's a politician's life I suppose.

I read last night that Biden (the man Obama selected as his vice-president) has been barred from receiving Communion from the Catholic Church. My take on this is that the Catholics are seeing the evangelicals stand up for the rights of the unborn and it's made the Catholics look weak in their teaching to parishioners. I'm glad the bishops and the church are now speaking out boldly. Catholic Answers has come out with a voter's guide of nonnegotiables with a comparison of the candidates on various issues. I'm still waiting to hear about that conversation Pelosi has been invited to have with her bishop!

The headlines reminded me that the Lord is able to bless exceedingly and abundantly above anything we can even begin to think or imagine to ask, so I will remember to pray that Thine will be done, not mine. But if God asks me, barring unforeseen events, I want Palin for president.

I'm super prepared for homeschooling. Sixth grade is hard. Haha! It's more work. And they expect my child to be far more independent than he is. All in good time, all in good time.

I'm wearing a light sweater top today. The weather is changing. Fall approaches. My 49th summer, the summer I moved up a generation and closer to physical death, will soon pass me by.

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