Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last day of Sep

Took a Tylenol PM and went to bed last night because I had such a headache. It's gone now. Yay. That's a yay with a plain period, full stop.

It happened again today. I'm making a sandwich, I put the knife in the jar and I got mayonnaise on my hand from the lip of the jar. I hate that. I absolutely hate that. I had to rinse my hand. Got a tiny bit of mayo on the knife, got some on my hand again. Put the bread together and there's a hole in the bread, mayo squishes out and I get some on my hand again. I hate mayo on my hands.

As we discussed Rod McKuen and his poetry (a quatrain is four lines of poetry) yesterday I looked him up on Wikipedia and we found that he wrote the music and lyrics for the first full length feature film of Charlie Brown. Our son loves Snoopy and Charlie Brown and looked through his DVDs and saw he has the first feature length Charlie Brown so we listened to it. He immediately recognized Rod McKuen's voice.

And we got an unexpected surprise, as surprises often are, from the beginning of the film. Linus, Charlie, and Lucy, are lying on the ground and begin talking about visualizing shapes in the clouds. Among other things, Linus sees the stoning of Steven. How many times we've watched and listened but the stoning of Steven washed over us as we had no idea what he was referring to! Our son lit up when he realized what Linus was talking about. I kinda did too. It was a great homeschooling moment. Comprehension, interconnectedness, poetry, cartoons, joy.

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