Monday, September 22, 2008


This is one of my favorite pictures. Sarah rocks the femininity!

I went to bed feeling good last night! A crowd of sixty thousand turned out to hear Palin speak in Florida and Florida's an important state. Many people waited hours to find parking and stood in the hot sun to hear her speak. Florida is swing state because it can go either way in the election. Until November 4th it's a mystery which way it will go! Every day when I read Politico (where they have a ditty called "Who Won the Day," it's always Obama who's won the day. I was going to keep track of who won each day just for the ducks of it, but I realized I can do it in my head because since I've been reading it McCain has won one day. Only. A single. Day.

If not for my husband I'd be the peculiar lady who puts all her cash in coffee cans and plants it in the yard for safe keeping. So not being very financially minded I have wondered how this giant financial crisis came about. Truthfully, I don't think we know yet what all the reasons are. Obviously the loans are what contributed to it but in the big picture I really think there's even more to it than we know. It's so odd that the economy has grown 3.3% at the same time that this crisis has occurred.

What the heck in the SEC? I had no idea and have heard it bandied about a lot in the news. It's the Securities Exchange Commission and the head of the SEC is who McCain wanted to fire. I found a good article called Analysis: Reckless Mortgages Brought Financial Market to Its Knees. I had to take a rest after I read it half way through because it's the sort of read that makes me think of all the other things I could be doing and then it puts me to sleep.

After I read it I asked my husband why the big companies were able to give all these loans out, and how could they just change the guidelines (such as no more requirement to verify an applicant's income) with no oversight. I told him they need a watchdog group! I am so smart! but then he told me that that's what the SEC's job is. "Oooooooooh," said I.

It's starting to make sense a wee bit of sense to me.

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