Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have a big, ugly, cold sore on my lip. I hope it goes down for dance class tomorrow. Last night it was making the side of my face ache and I didn't sleep very well.

The headlines are lame. Biden said an ad against McCain wasn't very good and all he was doing was expressing his honest opinion and the dorky media latches onto it like it's a political issue. Bill Clinton says Hillary didn't want to be a vice president for Obama. Well I think Bill and Hillary are hoping Obama will lose just so they can say told you so. They're so hateful they don't even work to help their own party. I think they're not very selfless. I think they should be out there working on behalf of their party because they could do amazing things to motivate their voters. Hillary's not trying very hard.

There's a boombox I want. I'm going to ask my husband. I'm worried about asking. I'm going to start off by saying I don't want any new clothes to go see our new grandbaby because I'd rather have this Altec Lansing ten pound portable music player. It has nice bass! We had such an awesome surround sound system in our house. I do miss it.

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