Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm up early this morning. That's weird! What will I do with these extra hours?

And I'm so sore. After class last night I came home all crickety. What a shame. Must be the age thang. There was a ballet teacher once who was pretty far up in age. She walked up to the front of the class all hobbled up, gray and bent. We're getting ballet from her? I thought. I don't think so. Well, once she got up there she put on her ballet posture so straight and tall, pulled in her tummy, opened her chest (that's the bone at the base of your throat), did a pirouette and man, she was graceful and strong and, yes, beautiful. She turned a few heads all right. I suppose that's what I'll shoot for. I saw a show on tv once too. It had older dance teachers and one guy said if nothing hurts the next day then you aren't living. Heh.

Jules mentioned the election and her comment reminded me of Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura, defender of children and traditional family values, isn't keen on Palin working outside the home and being a mom. I, too, don't understand how Palin will do it. Reagan was a great president but not a great father. Obama and McCain are my choices and we only have two to pick from. At the top of the decision making is which candidate is pro-life. The rest of the issues I have to painstakingly sort through. Now that Sarah is on board, a person who shares many of the same values as I, I am pumped up! For months it's been such a dull campaign with McCain. He's a war hero and that story is powerful but he's not real dynamic.

My husband says it's national Take a Child Outside Week Sep. 24-30 and we're getting a jump on it. We're going to White Sands National Monument. I have to make tuna sandwiches now! Taa-taa and tally-ho.

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