Thursday, September 11, 2008


Took my sewing machine in and he said I had the needle in backwards. He still has more to fix though because the wire in the pedal needs fixing. Lately I've had to fiddle with it and make it lay just right or it won't go.

Our daughter-in-law is still in the hospital. The baby's doing great and the breastfeeding's going swimmingly, but the mama's platelet count is still low. They don't want to remove the catheter that was used for the epidural from her back until her platelet count is up because they're afraid her blood won't clot well. The birth process went so well but this part is getting them (the new mom and dad) down. It's causing her back to hurt all the way up to her neck and it's giving her headaches. She is taking vicodin to control the pain. They hope to be released from the hospital tomorrow. I say they because my son and his wife and his wife's mom and the baby have all been staying at the hospital in the same room. Nice accommodations!

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