Thursday, September 18, 2008

I memed myself

Now you're tagged too. But if you don't wanna be tagged you're excused, that is, if you have a note from your doctor.

Eight Random Things About Myself

1. One morning after parking my car I walked the usual one block to my work. I was feeling very pretty because I was wearing a new dress and thigh high, lace-top stockings that day. Unfortunately for me I had put baby oil on my thighs after my shower. I soon learned that thigh high elastic bands get no grip with baby oil. To my horror, my stockings starting falling down. I tried to walk with my legs real close together to hold them up, hoping I could make it to the office ladies room, but my steps were pretty little. I could never make it. Plus I was carrying my purse, lunch bag, thermos, and portfolio. Finally I set all my stuff down, as if that didn't draw enough attention, stepped out of my shoes like one cool cucumber, took the stockings off and stuffed them in my purse. It was my most embarrassing fashion mistake ever.

2. My favorite potato chips are the ones that are folded over. I always search through the bag for them. My husband gives them to me if he finds them first.

3. My husband couldn't decide whether to ask me to marry him or not so he talked it over with a friend on the phone who said, "Go for it." That's our very romantic beginning.

4. I have an ant phobia. Seriously.

5. My left pinkie toe doesn't bend or curl. It only goes straight.

6. My dad combed our hair when we were little with that little black comb he kept in his back pocket. He always bumped the top of our ears and we'd say OW. He made my pony tails too tight too!

7. I fancy pursuing a Master's in Theological Studies someday. I was thinking of a certificate but if I return to school I can spend roughly the same amount of time getting the certificate as the Master's so as I see it, I may as well go for a Master's.

8. I am unclear as to when a question mark goes inside or outside quotation marks. This is very disturbing to me. Punctuation worries me.

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