Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just so-so

My mug isn't much improved since yesterday but oh well.

Stephanopoulos pointed out that any presidential contender who was above 50% in the polls in September since 1948 has won the election. Drats. But there are still so many undecideds. Next year I'm going to be undecided until the election just to drive everyone crazy. And the economy isn't Bush's fault. Everytime I hear how low his popularity rating is I ask why the Congress's rating isn't mentioned. Congress has a lower rating than Bush and we've got a Democratic-controlled Congress.

I thought my son was on family leave but I found out yesterday he went back to work. That means he'll be working when I go visit in October. I'm flying in on a Wed. and out on a Sat. so I have two full days in between. I must have a gene missing because I want to stay home. I needed my husband to hold my own baby.

I forgot to mention my boombox request. He said yes but I researched it more on Amazon and all the complaints were for poor customer service from the company. That's a big red flag and especially since all the complaints were so similar. I decided it would be a bad buy. It might be a good buy but if I got a bad box it would be a bad buy! I didn't want to take the chance on a $150.00 purchase. So sad, too bad. Even the people with complaints agreed the sound was excellent. Sigh.

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