Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor sickie

Our son is sick. He has a sore throat and fever so I'm going to bed with him to read.

I had a great time at dance tonight. The teacher says she wants to run a deal where you take three classes and get one free. That would be so affordable. I want to sign up for the hip-hop class on Wednesday nights if I can. When I went in on Wednesday night to observe the lyrical class I saw the other class's hip hop routine and it was really good. I'd love to learn it. I told my teacher we'll be leaving after Easter and she said that was too bad because she was going to ask me to perform in their yearly show in May at the civic center. Drats! I guess that's a downside to traveling. Maybe next year we should stay till May.

Finally got around to ordering some dancewear. I've been wearing the same leotard all the time. Twenty years ago I'd have died a thousand deaths before I'd wear the exact same outfit to every class. I don't care now! Well, I care a little. I hope the stuff I ordered will fit well. Mail ordering dancewear isn't ideal.

He did awful on his history test. I don't know if it may have been because he was coming down with something. Anyway, I'm doing the unit over with him and I'm doing it differently this time. He did well on the multiple choice but the writing of four short paragraphs killed his grade.