Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ladies group hair compliments

It went well. I arrived 15 minutes late though. Latebird. But they were just starting, so I didn't miss a thing.

And after prayer I got two compliments on my hair which I wore down. The 18-year-old said she didn't know it was so long and pretty, and a senior lady said it was long and pretty. Usually I hear, "It's long." And then I wonder what should I say? Should I say thank-you? Since I'm not sure, I nod and smile. Oh yes, and my husband complimented my hair at dinner time. He said I should never, ever dye it. He said it would be a travesty or something. Haha! And he said he liked my highlights on each side. When I tuck my hair behind my ears the long part in front of my ears is all grey, er, silver, against the dark brown. He likes how it stands out. He calls my grey 'natural highlights.' Maybe I ought to wear it down more often.

Harpgal gave me a classic congrats tonight. That's kinda cool. Didn't think she ever noticed me. She's one of the long hair reigning queens, so yeah, very cool. She's blonde too. I had a blonde wig once. Husband came home and I'm all smiling and the only thing he said was a firm, "No, Liliana." Then my son saw me, our older one. He was more vociferous. NO, MOM! NO! I was so bummed. But you gotta go with the flow. Be flexible. Some of us just don't get to be blonde. I got to be blonde for about two minutes.

I went back to my trusty Giovanni shampoo and condish. I tried Nature's Gate, Garnier Fructis, and V05 just to break out of the doldrums, and they each made my ears itchy.

Tomorrow son is taking a history assessment over the first three colonies: Jamestown, Virginia; Plymouth, Massachusetts; Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts. I dearly hope he does well. It's such an interesting period of history. The Puritans wanted to purify the Church of England. The Separatists wanted to separate from the church. The Puritans went to Massachusetts and were better educated and of a higher class than the Pilgrims who preceded them. Both were known for being very industrious. Ben Franklin came from Puritan stock. Slavery began in Virginia but it didn't start out as the slavery it became. The first Blacks were brought by a Dutch ship as indentured servants. Did you ever wonder how the word indentured came about? Me too. Back then, about 1650 or so, the master and the servant signed a contract. The contract was then ripped into two pieces - the servant got one half, the master the other. Thus, the indentions on the paper became the word indentured servant!

The Puritans valued education. They started the first university, Harvard University. They passed a law that said any village with 50 persons must hire a school teacher and the whole community must together pay her salary. It was the seed of public education in America. Wow! That's not what my home-school group told me about the beginning of public school in the United States. I could give them an earful now.