Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sewing machine repaired

I got my machine back a week ago and finally got round to sewing our son's Christmas blanket today. I had to re-cut it as the border was not looking right, then I pinned the satin binding to it, then I sewed it. I have not enough room to lay it out anywhere in here to cut it, so I took it outside and laid it on our front yard which is blue Astro Turf. It turned out nicely and he likes it. A lot. Yay! I made him a card to go with it. My old machine is sewing like a dream now. I should have gotten it repaired way before now. All the stitches are uniform and the fabric goes through the feed so smoothly, and there's no clattering sound. I'm so happy with it. It's practically like having a new machine. Except our son went to a friend's house today and said the ten year old girl has a nicer machine than mine! Heh. I'm sure she does. They make them so nice now. Perhaps, next year a new Bernini for me. I have to figure out how badly I want one first. Mine works pretty well for what I do.

So Monday I'm going with husband to Cruces. I need stuff! I need Giovanni, and new undergarments, and I want to buy a pattern and fabric to sew something.

The time just sped by since Wednesday night. I guess I was tired and sleepy Thursday and Friday nights. I went to bed kind of early (for me).

Thursday at ballet I was fitted for toe shoes. Oh la la! It was fun, but they weren't quite a perfect fit so I didn't buy them. They feel really weird. The sole doesn't cover all of the bottom of your foot and so it feels uncomfortable. I presume you get used to it. And they have to fit just right otherwise when you go en pointe you'll have loose shoe behind your heel. The front of the shoe is hard and they call it the box, or the toe box. I'm not sure which. And it is uncomfortable too but it molds and stretches to your foot with time. They fit me just about 1/4 inch too big when I went en pointe. They're so pretty. Dancers wear a gel insert that fits over the toes and that's how they're able to get on their toes without pain. Whenever I get my stuff I'll totally take pictures of it.

The jazz class I signed up for is really more of a dancey aerobics class. That's cool though. I had a blast. There were three of us and when we did the step in perfect timing together it looked kinda neat. Friday my waist was sore and that can only be a good thing. Whittle that waist! I wish.

My belly dance teacher is starting classes in February. Yippee! She emailed me and said she wants me to dance with her in El Paso on March 1st. I was going to go with her once (in January) but I chickened out. El Paso's all big and everything. I told her I was worried about going so far. She does it all the time though and told me not to be a scaredy-cat. I told her "RAWR," I'm not a scaredy-cat. But we both know I am. Ha! My husband said this time he'll take me if I want him to. That way, if I want to go home, I can.

Did I say that I'm going to Ladies Prayer Group on Tuesdays? I am. And they're starting a new book called "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World." It's supposed to be about not being too busy for God. I guess Jesus was visiting the two of them and Martha was getting frazzled in the kitchen getting a meal ready, and Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet listening to Him and Martha was fit to be tied trying to get everything done till finally she said, "Lord, will you tell Mary to give me a hand?" and Jesus told Martha to chill. Well, it doesn't read exactly like that, but that's it in a nutshell. I'm not very Martha though as I don't cook much, and don't do much housekeeping, so I hope there will be something applicable to my life.