Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We drove down to Cruces because our son has been dying to own cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat like one of his favorite rangers does. The girl who helped us was sweet as could be. He found boots. He found a hat. He shopped, he saw, he bought, just like his daddy. Me, I shop and shop and shop till I'm ready to drop and I may or may not buy a thing.

It must be winter because it didn't get above 53 degrees today. Chilly.

My hair is 40.75". I didn't get my usual half inch of growth for some reason but I shan't be distressed. I did notice that I measured about a week ago at 40.5" and did a special post about how great it was to be at 40.5. Then I realized from my critical hair data that I was already 40.5 on December 1st. Oh well. Such is life. You hit a certain age and everything old is new again. Haha!