Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday and

It was a less than stellar homeschool day. It happens.

Husband went to Cruces for supplies. He picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop and I haven't used it yet, but it looks beautiful. He said I could go to the store and look at the Bernini machines. Oh my. I love him so. Bernini's are Swiss made and very nice. But I said I'll wait. Since my old Brother machine got fixed I'll use it. If after a year I sew a fair amount, then maybe I will look at the whoop-dee-doo nice ones. Mine is fine for now. I'm going to finish the blanket I was making for our son for Christmas before the zig-zag stitch stopped working. It's a fleece blanket. Larger than the others. A big eagle. I hope it'll turn out.

Canceled my leotard and shoe order. Don't ever order from I'll tell you why. They emailed me last Tuesday and said my order shipped. I emailed them Wednesday and tell them UPS has no record of my order - where is my shipment? I get an auto-response from them, and they never do reply to my email. I check UPS and for two days it ain't going anywhere. Thursday I call to check on the status. What? They have the leotard but not the Capezio jazz boots. Did they bother to email me that tidbit of info? No. Fine, I say. Cancel the boots and send the leotard. Okay, he says. It'll ship out Friday. Monday nothing has been shipped to me. UPS has no info. I call for the status again. This time he transfers me. A girl says the leotard is on order. Whuh? I told her you gotta keep people informed of the status of their orders. Sorry, she says. Cancel it, I tell her. Cancel this leotard I ordered almost a week ago, which you said you sent me, didn't, and you don't even have it in stock. Are they in lala land?

So I'm shopping again. It's hard labor shopping for dance wear when you're 48 years old. Don't make me say any bad words!

Found a great studio to dance at while where in San Diego so at least I can stay in shape through April. Prices are a wee bit higher in the San Diego area.

What else. I have deep conditioned with olive oil today. Meant to wash it out but I was busy. So I'm sleeping with EVOO on my hair. My hair won't mind. I don't either. I'm really happy with my hair still.

Got a new space heater because one stopped working last night. Husband picked a nice one. It's cozy in here. We keep three space heaters going - one on each end of the trailer and one in the middle. Even down to 17 degrees it's stayed warm in here.

Oh, one more thing about my order from Check this out. The Capezio dance boots I wanted cost $59.95. When I phoned the guy says size seven is out of stock, do I want size eight? What? I wanted to say if you wear a size 11 shoe, do you want to buy a 12? I bit my tongue though. Next day I look at the jazz boot on the web site. Why? I don't know. Just to gaze at it. I notice the price has changed. Yeah, buddy. The price of the jazz boot I ordered went up a bit - from $59.95 to $169.95. And you can get it now special order, 4-6 week delivery. That's just bad business.