Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We used to use Thera-bands in class when I was in college. They helped me get so strong. I decided to order a pack from Amazon. When I was in my best condition I was able to do sit-ups as slow as I wanted, up and back down, even hovering half way between up and down indefinitely if I wanted, by building up my muscles with the help of a Thera-band. I loved my teacher. She was so good.

The rubber cement on the edge of my scimitar decidedly did not work. It rubbed off onto my hair. Luckily it rubs into little balls, so it wasn't hard to get out. Had me worried for a second there though!

We have a volunteer meeting at 1:00pm.

Washed my hair yesterday evening. I had an itchy ear. Apparently something about either Garnier Fructis or VO5 conditioner does not agree with me. Before this, Nature's Gate did not agree with me. I had a leetle bit of Giovanni shampoo left so I poured hot water in the container and shook it up and used the remnants. Since I'm out of Giovanni condish I used no condish. Actually, a post about using no conditioner gave me the idea. I wouldn't do it all the time because comb-out is too much work, but my hair feels soft (from the 48 hours of olive oil?) and shiny today.

I got a big idea from reading posts at the over 40 dancer's forum. I know I'm not currently strong enough, but I'm going to ask my ballet teacher if I can go en pointe someday in the future. Just at the barre, that is. I've always wanted to! Why shouldn't I do it before I die?

Been reading my Bible every morning, first thing before I do anything else. This is my second day. Heh. Pretty good I think. I'm on Genesis 12. It's fascinating that the story of a flood is recounted in almost every religion in existence. I've read that some scholars, though it's not yet proven, believe that a single language once existed. And a few months ago there was an article at CNN or somewhere that DNA testing indicted that all of us on earth are genetically connected to one, single woman. Those are things that make you go, hmmmm. Or, those are things that make you shout, Glory to God! And how about those clouds up in the sky? They weigh tons and tons with all the water droplets they hold, yet they're floating. Boy howdy, that's some kind of something. And bananas? Fit perfectly in the human hand, they're edible, taste good, and they're good for you. It can't be accidental!