Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week-end done

I feel really tired for some reason. Hope I feel fine tomorrow.

I wanted to write to Morticia. Remember her? I liked her a lot. So where is she? How come I don't see any posts from her anymore? Is she okay? She used to do the pop-in at the Loom once in awhile but it's been years. I couldn't find any posts by her at TLHC. I figured she could tell me if Dr. Martens are comfy. I picture her wearing them. I don't know if she ever mentioned them or even if she wears them actually, but she's imprinted in my mind wearing Doc Marten boots. I tried to log on to TLHC to search for her journal, but for some reason my password disappears as soon as I click Log In. That's weird. Then it tells me I've used an invalid username or password and I've used 4 out of 5 login attempts. Hopefully, they'll contact me and tell me how to fix it.

Tonight I'm going to bed early. I'm so tired but I didn't do anything except church, chicken soup, and a nap. I didn't even go to evening church. Yeah, pretty strenuous day all right.