Sunday, January 06, 2008

A good hair day

I wore my hair down on account of I was brimming with confidence, and I even got a compliment on it at church. Actually, I have a set of matching zits on my neck, so I also had to wear it down for camouflauge.

This one was taken yesterday also and I took it because I noticed that in our bath mirror I can only barely see the bottom of my hair now. I'll need to use a full length mirror to see the bottom from now on. I wanted to do one of those self back-of-the-head shots too, just for posterity.

On my good hair day, my heart was heavy though. Aunt Arline passed on last night. Now my Grama has four children left here on earth. She's been getting more and more frail and she wouldn't take her medicine last night. When they checked on her later, she had passed on. I cannot be sad for long though because I know she's in heaven with a perfect body and a perfect mind now. But I will pray for her and for my cousins too. It's been exceedingly stressful for them. Alzheimer's is hardest on the family, I think. Aunt Arline thought the world of her son and his wife and their children. She'd go on and on about how wonderful they are, and they are that wonderful! I'm no longer very close with my cousin, but he used to call me a little puke when I was eight years old (I was 12 when I found out it meant barf) and I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He's funny too! He and I would tease my sister mercilessly and I relished every moment of it! I cleaned up his room for him once when he was 18. Was so proud of myself and was waiting for him to tell me what a great thing I did for him. But he came home from work that evening and I overheard that he was less than thrilled because I'd cleaned up so well he couldn't find his good work shoes. It was the only day that summer that it rained, and he had to wear his old shoes that had holes in them. Hahahaha! I had set his good shoes neatly under his bed. That's where anybody looks for their good shoes, right?

I will miss Aunt Arline who made me big, giant bowls of ice cream and let me play in her basement. She did drive me crazy once in awhile and I would take back a thing or two I said if I could. Ah well.

Did you hear about the dead guy who brought a suitcase of gold to the Pearly Gates? Saint Peter says, "What are you bringing that for?" Guy says he told God about all the wealth he'd amassed during his stay on earth and he wanted to bring at least a little of all he'd worked for, so God told him he could bring one, count 'em, one, single suitcase full of gold. Saint Peter looks at him and says, "Yeah, but why do you want to bring pavement?" Get it? There's so much gold in heaven that it'll blow your mind. There's so much of it that the streets are paved in gold.

The word 'glory' in the Greek language translates to something like weightiness, as in gold.