Sunday, January 20, 2008


I didn't get up all that early. When I did get up I heard my son say in the living room, "I better get in the shower now." Duh. So I wore my hair in a sock bun today. Now I have lots of avocado oil in it, braided it, and I'll wash it tomorrow. For conditioner, I used none last week and this week I'm going to use a teeny, tiny little drop mixed with a cup of water to see how it works.

Worked out for two hours while my husband went to the bar to watch the game. I say 'bar' but really it's an inn and everyone's like over 65 years old except the bartender. You know it gets wild there. Yeah, hold onto your hat.

Today I tried a little beeswax on the edge of my scimitar. It stuck too much to my hair. I thought it was going to pull my hair out! Definitely it was a bad idea. Perhaps I may have been less than bright because I do use the beeswax for epilation, but I don't want to epilate the top of my head for goodness sakes. Sometimes I think I'm thinking, but I'm not. Friday I tried hot glue. When it cooled it slipped right off the edge of the scimitar like butter. Word up, hot glue doesn't stick to stainless steel. I didn't know that, but I do now. All I have left to try is sticky hair spray. I despise hair spray. Never have found one I like.

Morning church and evening church were good. I've been waking up each morning with church songs in my head. I kinda like that. But, yesterday morning I woke with ugly faces from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie we watched Friday night instead of a song. Blech. I'm very impressionable.

I guess I don't have any deep thoughts tonight.

Wait. I might have one. God is always with us and He knows our hearts. He knows my heart and he's known that I've wanted a fragrance of my own, an everyday pretty fragrance that is Liliana, for the longest time. I don't pray about it, but my heart has been desirous. I just haven't been able to find one. I try a spritz from the tester bottles at the mall whenever I can and they're always too loud and strong. I've tried a few perfume oils and essential oils. They didn't work either. Still too strong, or my husband didn't like it. I think a smell should be soft and surreptitious. Like when you have designs on your husband and he knows it by your eyes and the way you move, but no one else does. It ought to be personal, not overbearing. What is the big deal if the whole room can smell the person. Why that's no big deal at all. It's like yelling "Look at me. I sprayed a giant fragrance on myself today!" The perfect scent should be sweet to your children and sexy to your husband. I used to use a spray on called Impulse, I used the purple one, but they quit manufacturing it in, uhhh, the '80s.

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah. I think I found a fragrance for me!