Saturday, January 19, 2008


Received an email from my sister. A Saturday morning email. I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming! She is a sweetie pie. Sometimes. Hehe. Last year she made a promise to herself to keep in touch better after we left. (We visit in San Diego for a month each year.) And she's kept that promise. I have to admit I'm very impressed. In the past she's often been busy with work and family so she had no energy left over. She's abounding with success in her job currently and her sons are teenagers. The law of seed time and harvest at work in her life. Now, if I'm lonely I email her and I know she'll email back within 10 or 20 minutes and if she doesn't I know she's not at her computer, and when she is, she'll write. I used to be jealous when we were little because my parents called her 'poopsie' and 'stinkerpot' and they only called me Liliana. I guess I'm not a special name kind of person. My husband calls me Little Mamma a lot, so that makes up for it.

I signed up for a new forum. A dance forum for oldsters. I don't know if I'll post there much but I was compelled to write a short thank-you to the poster who inspired me to ask my teacher if I could go en pointe. If I'd never read that particular post I'm sure I'd never have asked. Well, it appears I'm not getting any younger. It appears that I shall not be a ballerina. And that's okay! No matter! I shall study and practice and enjoy the dance anyway!

Now I go take a shower to have a fresh canvas to test out more of my handcrafted scented goodies sent by Avrilon. You know how when you walk out of the library with an armful of good books? You know that feeling? I have that feeling with this box of oil, balm, butter, soaps, and talc. It's a small box but I cannot even repack it because she had everything arranged to fit in there just so. I have more than one woman should have. Between knowing Kara and Avrilon I may never buy another leave-in or butter balm manufactured for the masses.

Lord, bless the hands that create elegant, scent-i-licious hair and skin care products that nourish body and spirit. Such a commodity cannot be purchased at the shopping mall.