Saturday, January 05, 2008


A pic of 40.75 inches on a 5'2" person. (Update: Some is at 41", thus the fringey ends.) Taken in awful, low light, but I was needful of a photo since I washed it today. (Second update: I think I'm liking my no-flash chocolate hair color. It's prettier than real life.) Outside it was in the upper 60s, so I dried it in a lovely breeze. Look at my ends. They've fringed out all of a sudden - just since November. Whuh? I never would have noticed if I didn't have pictures of the back! And if wishes were horses I would wish for my sides to fill out more. All in good time. In 2004 I had such thick bangs. I'm sure glad I seriously thinned them out when I did. Hopefully as the sides get longer they'll help fill out the back some day in the far future. In March I'll get a trim. Perhaps my trim will put me back to about this length, but straighter across. That would be a good deal. I'd like that.

I believe a thought just hit me. I could make fingertip length my next goal. Hmmmm. Why not? Okay. I will.

Our son got a haircut and he looks so handsome. Ivan, the excellent hair cutter, invited him out to see his ranch sometime. I hope it comes to pass. Wouldn't we be lucky to go to a ranch. Our ranger and Ivan are cousins! I can see it because they're both kind hearted. We've been to the one ranch and to see a second one would be awesome.

The sky looked like an artist splashed it with watercolors tonight. The magenta was striking and there was so much of it.

I came across a tidbit about Elijah. He got beamed up to heaven at the Mount of Olives. I wondered what was so big about him. I hardly know any of the prophet books. Well, I know none of them. In the Old Testament I'm fairly well versed in Genesis and Job and that's it.

Right now I'm thinking about John 14:1 a lot.